Sneak Peak: Our vimrc

Mon Nov 28 2016

Sneak Peak: Our vimrc

This is series of articles explaining our development Environment. This time we will be discussing about vimrc which is a configuration file that we can use to manage our Vim settings.

You can find the file here.

Basic Vim Settings

  • set number It enables line number in vim
  • set relativenumber Enables relative numbers in vim. Means Vim will adjust line numbers based on your current cursor position.
  • set linebreak Break lines at word if you have enabled wraplines.
  • set showbreak=+++ Identify breaked lines with +++
  • set textwidth=100 Line wrap (number of cols)
  • set showmatch Highlight matching brace
  • set hlsearch Highlight all search results
  • set smartcase Enable smart-case search
  • set ignorecase Always case-insensitive
  • set incsearch Searches for strings incrementally
  • set autoindent Auto-indent new lines
  • set smartindent Enable smart-indent
  • set smarttab Enable smart-tabs
  • set softtabstop=4 Number of spaces per Tab
  • autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.md setlocal spell Enables spell check for markdown files, ending with extension md
  • set complete+=kspell Enables spelling auto complete.

Advanced Settings

  • set ruler ” Show row and column ruler information
  • set showtabline=0 ” Show tab bar
  • set undolevels=200 ” Number of undo levels
  • set backspace=indent,eol,start ” Backspace behaviours
  • filetype plugin on Enables filetype detection along with plugins.
  • set tabstop=2 Set tabstop to tell vim 2 columns a tab counts for
  • set shiftwidth=2 Set number of space characters inserted for indentation
  • set shiftround Round indent to multiple of ‘shiftwidth’.
  • set expandtab spaces to insert a Tab
  • set clipboard=unnamed Use the system clipboard
  • set regexpengine=1 Enables regular expression engine
  • set autoread Watch for file changes outside vim
  • set acd Changes the working directory on each load autochdir
  • let mapleader = "\<Space>" Map leader to Space bar
  • nnoremap <leader><leader> <C-^> Switch buffers


You can view the help text for any commands by running :help COMMAND eg; :help regexpengine

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