Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, for working on a fresh project, we consider 8 – 12 weeks, which includes all designing, coding, and overall recasting of a website. The provided time length is an estimation; the comprehensive time is proportional to the design’s density, content availability, application attributes and tech stack.

No worries. Each time we begin a new project, we hold weekly meetings and interactions, based on the client’s availability. Owing to clever technologies and tools, with the assistance of the internet, we’re ever- ready for remote collaborations and connections.

Absolutely yes! We’re willing to involve our clients as the project advances, as we believe that our clients are an innate segment of the entire progression. Beginning from ideation, to examination, layout, blueprint, wireframes, UI comments, and ultimately code-testing, we embrace our clients in each step.

After we get onboard, an extensive workflow is created by the project manager, via a cloud-based project management tool. The entire project is divided into categorised sections, wherein our task force takes up the sections allotted to them; they also make sure to bind up the undertaking within the deadline. Moreover, we conduct a weekly evaluation that thus ensures that both the client and workforce is on-board with the detailing and amendments.

The first being the inventive and creative outlining together with all the features and functions. Secondly, we need to know about the project’s stakeholder, along with the content’s accessibility. Last but not the least, we require your trust and zeal as we progress the project together

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