Why we stopped using Google Forms

Why we moved to Formsure from Google Forms

Mon Dec 21 2020

Why we stopped using Google Forms

Though similar to a traditional form builder in appearance and flow, Formsure is designed to provide the best creation and usage experience that someone can have.

We, at Lightrains were using quite a lot of Google Forms lately; from collecting client details to fill up initial project descriptions from our various clients.

The data collection through Formsure is thorough, the approach is refined, and the summary reports are complete in all respects. Formsure’s surveys and polls have helped us to gain peace of mind in knowing that our brand is favoured and represented appropriately to our employees as well as the brand ambassadors.

Powerful Features For Better User Engagement

  • Easy Drag & Drop Interface
  • Automatic Saving
  • Multiple Choice Question
  • File Upload
  • Collect Payments

Different form templates

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