MeshMonk - Spatial Commerce

Meshmonk is a solution for e-commerce brands to create their presence in the Metaverse. The future of Metaverse e-commerce

MeshMonk - Spatial Commerce

MeshMonk is at the forefront of a retail revolution, merging AI, spatial technol- ogy, and crypto tokens to reinvent e-commerce. We’re pushing the boundaries of technology, providing businesses with the tools to create personalized Web3 shopping experiences, enhancing online engagement through advanced AI and immersive spatial technology.

  • Launch Metaverse store quickly
  • Virtual reality experience for shops

Meshmonk; Metaverse E-commerce platform, aplug and play environment where brands can

  • Create a custom virtual store
  • Showcase the products that they want to sell without leaving the current set of tools they use
  • Reduce time to market
  • Seamless integration with current systems