Smart Contract Auditing

Our audit reports are thorough, transparent & customised to include all identified vulnerabilities

The initial step is the team and the auditing group agreeing on the scope and specifications of the audit. It means that the design, purpose, architecture and other details of the smart contract are given to the auditors.

Automated bug detection and analysis tools are also used to look for commonly known vulnerabilities in the contracts. Finally, auditors manually inspect the code to understand the developer’s intentions and interpret the findings in that context. Finally, the report is issued with the findings and the applied fixes by the team.

1. Get in touch

We start with a manual review of your source code in order to get a rough idea on the scope of audit.

2. Proposal

Our team will send you a proposal that’ll be tailored to your project. We extend our pricing at reasonable rates since we understand that security mustn’t be compromised at any cost.

3. Audit

We enforce diligent verification, steady analysis, and standard evaluation. In contrast to conventional security audits, validated verification mathematically demonstrates that the code segment would work as planned, by checking all scenarios.

4. Remediate

Our team will present a preliminary report, comprising of all vulnerabilities ranging from critical to informational, once the auditing is completed. Nevertheless, we offer unlimited re-auditing, entirely free of charge.

5. Report

An audit report is generated along with a cryptographically secured badge, after the final examination. The badge encloses a scannable QR code, in order to verify the authenticity of an effective audit.

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