Smart Contract Auditing

Our audit reports are custom, thorough, and transparent. The report will contain the details of any identified vulnerabilities and classify them by severity (Critical, Major, Medium, Low, and Informational), along with suggested remediation. Diagrams are included to provide visualized insights about the project and help you understand the source of identified vulnerabilities.

Smart contract audit process

1. Get in touch

After contacting us, our engineers will manually review your source code. At this point our enginners will audit your source code manully to have a rough idea of the scope of the audit.

2. Proposal

We'll send you a quote customized for your project. We offer affordable pricing because we know that security is important and you shouldn't ever have to settle for a lower level of security.

3. Audit

Our audits combines rigorous formal verification, static analysis, and manual review. Unlike traditional security audits, formal verification mathematically proves that the code will always work as intended, computing all possible scenarios.

4. Remediate

Once the audit is complete, the team will prepare an initial report that identifies vulnerabilities from critical all the way down to informational. We offer free unlimited re-audits.

5. Report

After final review of the source code, we will deliver the audit report and a cryptographically secured badge. This badge contains a QR code for anybody to scan as a proof of authenticity of the successful audit.

Blockchain Security & Smart Contract Audit

Crowdsale / Token Contracts
Custom Smart Contracts
Wallets and DApps
NFT Sale and Marketplace
Rebase contracts
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Why choose Lightrains for Smart Contract Auditing?

6+ Years in business

Our team has been invloved in the development of solidity smart contracts and infrastructure development for many projects.

Up to date vulnerabilities checklist

Manual code check for the vulnerabilities listed on the Contractor's internal checklist. The Contractor's checklist is constantly updated based on the analysis of hacks, research, and audit of the clients' codes.

Public audit report

The Contractor verifies the deployed code with the re-audited version and checks them for compliance. If the versions of the code match, the Contractor issues a public audit report.

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Lightrains is one of the leading smart contract development and auditing company in India. We are operating in blockchain and smart contracts industry for more than 6 years now. We have done audit for many well known projects. Our clients rages from startups and many well known decentralized exchanges (DEX) as well as centralized exchanges (CEX).

Our smart contract specific experience

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