Rust Developer

We are looking for an experienced Rust developer who is ready to immediately contribute to our work. We are currently in the midst of a project based on Polkadot and we expect you to begin pulling your weight as soon as possible.

What we expect of you

  • We are creating software/product that handles large financial values, we place an emphasis on developing solutions that have the highest possible degree of security, with a secondary objective being speed and performance. We expect you to adopt this mindset when you begin working with us.
  • You will develop and maintain the node. Day-to-day tasks include working on P2P networks, databases, cryptography, APIs and consensus algorithms.
  • Having a solid overview of other blockchain platforms is useful.


  • At least 1 year of programming experience with Rust.
  • Have experience with advanced data structures and algorithms.
  • Secure coding practices.
  • Debugging, profiling and performance optimization skills.
  • Multi threaded programming knowledge.
  • Network programming skills.
  • Key-value store optimization skills.
  • Attention to the quality and readability of your code.
  • Passion to hack on Linux systems.

Perks and Benefits

  • Work from Home
  • 5 Days Working
  • Flexible Timings

How to Apply

Apply Online

Only applicants invited to interview will be contacted.