JavaScript Engineers

We’re looking for experienced full-time developers to join our core team who have a strong understanding of web technologies and want to help design, implement, and launch major user-facing features.

Necessary skills and experience

  • Write maintainable, testable, and performant JavaScript
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build tooling, including Babel/Webpack
  • Knowledge of visualization and associated libraries (SVG, Canvas, WebGL, D3, Three.js, etc.)
  • have significant experience with REST APIs and thoroughly understand HTTP requests
  • Fluency in modern JavaScript (ES6/7, Node)
  • Fluency in modern TypeScript

Bonus Points if you,

  • have contributed open source code (core or plugins) for a popular front-end framework such as Angular, React or Svelte

How to Apply

Apply Online

Only applicants invited to interview will be contacted.