About Us

A technology start-up with a team of dreamers, doers, and go-getters making coding seem like a creative play.

A start-up entailing a dedicated team of experts, with coding creativity and technical competence. We work on various open source, social good projects as well as consultations for clients from various domains.

We assist companies in crafting transparent and secure systems for commerce, trading, supply chain, and auditing, enhanced by smart contracts, Blockchain, AI-driven analytics, and ML-optimized processes.

We focus mainly on Blockchain, AI and ML; offering the following as our key services:

Strategic architecting and consultingStrategic architecting and consulting
Rapid prototype design and developmentRapid prototype design and development
Enterprise software solutionsEnterprise software solutions
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutionsArtificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions
UI/UX ConsultingUI/UX Consulting
Innovation workshopsInnovation workshops: research, education and training

Meet our leadership

At Lightrains, we embody excellence and reliability, turning business challenges into opportunities with our experts




Built softwares for 10+ years and over the last few years he helped Crypto, DeFi and NFT companies to scale their tech and reach millions. With a deep understanding of these technologies, he possesses a unique skillset that is highly sought after in the industry.

Nikhil M


Nikhil M

Experience in tech consulting and has a successful track record of assisting companies in scaling. He has supported numerous organizations in developing their Blockchain, Metaverse/Web3 offerings

Global Management Team

Our diverse team spans continents, ensuring localized insights with a worldwide perspective.

Stephen J King

President - Americas

Stephen J King

Stephen is a seasoned business leader with expertise in strategy, business development, and international expansion. Known for transformative leadership, he have steered organizations to peak performance, fostering cultures that drive profitability and inspire employees.

Derick Smith

President - Europe

Derick Smith

As a seasoned consultant with a rich entrepreneurial background, Derick brings a wealth of experience from founding multiple ventures. This journey has honed a diverse skill set and deep knowledge, establishing him as a versatile generalist.

We’re Lightrains

Give us a call and we will help you develop Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applications specific to your engineering business methods. We understand the technology, the platforms, and the developers. Settlement, government, banking, and insurance are all beneficiaries of blockchain applications adjudicated by professional engineers.

Other Services

Our core technology expertise gives us a competitive advantage in delivering the most promising solutions

We Build

We Build

Track, Share & Measure- It has never been so simple & efficient. With years of research & learning, our team has gained expertise in building and developing function & scalable products without compromising on design & security.

We Research

We Research

Our company offers aid in teaching new concepts related to blockchain; researching on classes of blockchains, analysing the safety of your app et al. In addition, we also carry out public-domain research which in so doing enhances Bitcoin and blockchains for all

We Advise

We Advise

By virtue of new concepts and approaches, it is necessary to avail advisory services so as to sidestep traps and pitfalls. Into the bargain, it must be noted that though Blockchain can’t be the solution to all the obstacles, we assist you to find the correct fit for all your needs.

We Train

We Train

Although blockchain is a very exclusive and unique idea, it is also very challenging to understand. Thereby, we are here to provide through training, business notions and technical assistance, any-time, by concentrating on cases wherein blockchain can transform your company and its entities

Industries we serve

We deliver blockchain, AI, and ML solutions for sectors like banking, automotive, healthcare, media, logistics, and eCommerce


Banking and Financial Services

We create private and permissioned distributed ledger networks for banks and financial institutions to securely store and transfer encrypted customer data.


You get a secure ledger to track and store automotive car data, such as ownership and vehicle make and model.


Our blockchain development solutions help healthcare institutions maintain and securely store confidential patient data.

Media & Entertainment

With our blockchain development solutions, media organizations can easily store content data securely on the blockchain network.

Manufacturing & Logistics

As a reliable blockchain development company, we provide solutions to store and track data of products in the supply chain network.

Travel & Tourism

Our blockchain solutions provide a secure and immutable ledger for travel companies to store customer data such as passports, tickets, visas, etc.

Education & eLearning

Our blockchain development solutions help educational institutions store and securely manage student data, certificates, and other records.

Retail & eCommerce

We create private and permissioned distributed ledger networks for eCommerce businesses to securely store and transfer customer data.