Drupal customization

MetroMatinee is a top entertainment Malayalam movie website, providing the latest daily Malayalam movie and celebrity news inside information in a fun, irreverent tone.

Why Drupal was chosen:

Drupal was really the only considered platform for this project. Drupal is so flexible, and with an excellent API framework can accommodate almost all conceivable functionality. Having worked with Drupal on many enterprise projects, we knew it could handle the expectations of such an important client.

Project (goals, requirements and outcome):

Technically there were a few key requirements:

  • The site must be easy for content editors to manage (of course!)
  • New articles should be (optionally) pushed to Facebook
  • Existing users must be easily migrated to the new site, along with their previous profile and comments
  • The UX must be truly responsive and engaging on all devices
  • Content pages must be built from existing collections of text, quote, image, and audio “stories”
  • The site must be able to handle large surges of visitors and traffic spikes - many thousands of concurrent visitors

Key modules/theme/distribution used:

  • Views
  • Entity API
  • Entity reference
  • Entity Reference View Widget
  • Media
  • Facebook API
  • Comment block
  • Chaos tool suite (ctools)
  • Feeds
  • Cookie Control
  • CDN