Initial Coin Offering Consulting

ICO Consulting and Development Services, Initial Coin Offering Consulting

ICO Consulting

With our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience in Blockchain space, we provide full circle ICO services. We fund, shape, market your idea to bring it to a successful ICO raise.

ICO Technology solution

Yes that's right, we will help you with Smart Contract Management System, Book Building platform as well as ICO Smart Contract.

ICO Rocketship

Engineering ICO fundraiser platform

We engineered this easy to use investor dashboard to let you publicly sell your tokens in a safe and easy way, assisting both in the pre-sale and sale phases.Hi

How to create mineable ERC20 tokens on Ethereum Solidity

What is a mineable token?Mining if the process of creating new tokens(achieving consensus on some data), similar to minting in fiat currency, however unlike fia

Guide to launching a successful ICO

First things first, make sure your customers are going to benefit from your tokens means what is the ROI for investors.If you can convince your potential invest

Solidity Smart contract Security best practices

Security of a smart contract is more important than any other software or piece of code just because of the non-editable nature of it in general.Still, there ar