A Blockchain Consulting & Development Company based out of India with headquarters in Trivandrum

Solutions for businesses to approach commerce, trading, supply chain and identity management through transparency and security, powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

Businesses are now recognizing the potential of blockchain systems to fragment industries and alter the scene of competition persistently. In spite of that, several companies stress on understanding core concepts and the fortuity that technology offers for businesses.

Our experienced team of professionals, blockchain specialists and seasoned consultants can help you navigate this new world.

Strategic architecting and consulting
Rapid prototype design and development
Enterprise software solutions
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions
UI/UX Consulting
Innovation workshops: research, education and training

We understand the technology

Lightrains offer tested and proven consultancy framework


Unite and bring together the stakeholders within your organization on an equivalent level of understanding of blockchain so as to acknowledge the opportunities and advantages.


Professional and white-collar advice, tactics, strategies to mentor your company while mastering the blockchain sphere.

Project Management

Assessing and managing approach to blockchain, in reference to tech assortment, enrollment and legal guidance.


Exceptional and decentralized application development assistance on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Solana, Openchain, Hyperledger, and Bitcoin


We provide clear understanding of where blockchains genuinely add value and help you identify appropriate challenges that can be addressed.

The blockchain era is just at its beginning, but most Fortune 500 companies have already prepared for the Blockchain disruption about to come.

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Other Services

Our core expertise gives us a competitive advantage in delivering the most promising services.

We Build Lightrains

We Build

Track, Share & Measure- It has never been so simple & efficient. With years of research & learning, our team has gained expertise in building and developsing function & scalable products without compromising on design & security.

We Research Lightrains

We Research

Our company offers aid in teaching new concepts related to blockchain; researching on classes of blockchains, analysing the safety of your app et al. In addition, we also carry out public-domain research which in so doing enhances Bitcoin and blockchains for all

We Advise Lightrains

We Advise

By virtue of new concepts and approaches, it is necessary to avail advisory services so as to sidestep traps and pitfalls. Into the bargain, it must be noted that though Blockchain can’t be the solution to all the obstacles, we assist you to find the correct fit for all your needs.

We Train Lightrains

We Train

Although blockchain is a very exclusive and unique idea, it is also very challenging to understand. Thereby, we are here to provide through training, business notions and technical assistance, any-time, by concentrating on cases wherein blockchain can transform your company and its entities