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Liquid Voting

Fri, Nov 11, 16

Liquid Voting is a blockchain based voting/decision making platform made at hack4people Hackathon by team lightrains. (niksmac, kp666 & sibizulu)

Corruption exist because of concentrating of power. Our solution brings that power to the masses. This is brought by the power of decentralization on top of a tamper proof public blockchain. The voting platform is so powerful that it can pave the path to liquid democracy. The real impact is when we use the platform for day to day decision making in government activities.

This platform uses Ethereum Private network as the Blockchain platform, and Solidity Smart contracts to record the votes as well as elections. Votes are saved in a tamper proof manner and the candidate can change the vote if the need arises.


The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

-Abraham Lincoln




Full Version of Liquid Voting