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Kerala Startup Mission

Mon, Jun 13, 16

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is India’s first and successful Non Academic Business Incubator, hosted and housed inside Asia’s Largest IT Park Technopark.

We dedicated 2 weeks for a comprehensive study of the information architecture. Having analyzed a suitable structure model for the content, we were able to start the wire-framing stage. Wireframes helped us interconnect all kinds of content types and entities of the website. We took full advantage of Drupal 7 and its new features. The fact that all entities come with fields helped us to create all the interconnections through references.

Overall, the fact that the client was very clear about their requests and needs from the beginning was enormously helpful in our effort to focus more on the concept, the design and the development. Requirements being met, the whole project kept us busy for 5 months. We exclusively worked with SCRUM methods, delivering segments of the website every 10 days.

Why Drupal was chosen:

Drupal was chosen because of its wide variety of contributed modules and community support

Key modules/theme/distribution used:

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