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Sat, Jan 21, 17

Atlaschain is a Decentralised, Permissioned Blockchain based GIS and digital assets platform.

Maps are a precious resource and location is a powerful way to visualise and understand data. However getting data on a map and distributing it in a decentralised manner has been a challenge. We want to make GIS data available to everyone in a decentralised and permissioned (if needed) manner using blockchains. In addition, we want to use the blockchain as a proof of record for the existence of the data.

Usage Scenarios for Atlaschain

Publishing Public GIS Data on the Atlas Chain: By publishing this data on the Atlas Chain any organisation can take advantage of the properties of the block chain to ensure that an authoritative version of the dataset is available in a decentralised, immutable repository. This would improve the confidence of the public on the transparency and integrity of the data. It would also make it possible for anyone with any type of client to get at the data from different nodes reducing the load on public websites.

Exchanging Private Data between a department and its members: There are scenarios where entities like the police force or fire force may want to call up a map of an area with certain extra statistics or information that is not publicly available. In this scenario a series of contracts between a department (like the fire force) and its members would be created in which the GIS Data would be encrypted and exchanged. The department would be able to selectively revoke a contract and remove the data access when needed.

Exchanging Private GIS Data: There are often situations where two or more private entities agree to share their geo data for mutual benefit. In this scenario the data would be encrypted and signed by the transacting parties and placed on the Atlas Chain. The entity would use their Atlas Chain client (and private key) to decrypt and display the data. The Atlas Chain would provide proof of the transaction and even be able to verify the data exchanged in case of a dispute.



This is an open source project built by niksmac, kp666, sibizulu, nikhilkrishna and amalmkumar

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