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What is Private Permissioned Blockchain

Fri, Aug 12, 16

Properly permissioned blockchain networks differ from unpermissioned blockchain networks solely based on the presence (or absence) of an access control layer built into the blockchain clients.

The first primary difference between a properly conceived permissioned blockchain network and an unpermissioned blockchain network is whether the participants in the network have an ability to restrict who can participate in the consensus mechanism of the blockchain’s network.

Permissioned blockchain networks allow the network to appoint a group of participants in the network who are given the express authority to provide the validation of blocks of transactions. Or, to participate in the consensus mechanism.

Why do we need Permissioned Blockchain

To understand the benefits of permissioned blockchain networks to their participants, we must consider the relative advantages which they have vis a vis their unpermissioned cousins.

We must also consider the relative advantages which permissioned blockchain networks have vis a vis their cousins on the other side of the spectrum: hub and spoke distributed databases.

  1. Governance Over A Permissioned Blockchain is Clearly Defined
  2. More Cost Effective
  3. Extra layer of security is there. (could be)


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