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What is WalletConnect protocol

Wed, Oct 07, 20

WalletConnect allows the user to scan a QR code from the wallet app to unlock and use their wallet seamlessly in the web UI.

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open protocol made to facilitate a secure connection between mobile cryptocurrency wallets and desktop applications, such as dapps. Transactions are made through an encrypted connection by scanning a QR code, and are confirmed on the mobile device. As the private key never leaves the user’s device, their funds are never at risk and the possibility of a hijack is very low.

WalletConnect enables Dapp developers to integrate with multiple wallets through a single implementation.

How does it work?

WalletConnect connects web applications to supported mobile wallets. WalletConnect session is started by a scanning a QR code (desktop) or by clicking an application deep link (mobile).

Why Should I Use WalletConnect?

A few of the most popular options for interacting with a dapp include using a desktop browser-only extension like Metamask, or a mobile wallet/Ethereum browser like Cipher or Status. The problem with these solutions is that funds are generally ‘stuck’ on one platform, and would make it difficult to switch between mobile and desktop, unless the recovery phrase would be exported which could result in serious security implications.

Using WalletConnect with Binance API

Protocol Differences

Since we do not use Ethereum transactions, there are some differences:


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