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Service discovery tools for microservices.

Mon, Aug 07, 17

Service discovery tools for microservices

No application is an island. They constantly communicate with other applications (services) – or, more precisely, instances of applications. Microservice architectures amplify the volume and frequency of these communications.

Service discovery is how applications and (micro)services locate each other on a network. Service discovery implementations include both:

  1. a central server (or servers) that maintain a global view of addresses and
  2. clients that connect to the central server to update and retrieve addresses.

Service discovery tools

The main objective of service discovery tools is to help services find and talk to one another. In order to perform their duty they need to know where each service is. The concept is not new and many tools existed long before Docker was born. However, containers brought the need for such tools to a completely new level.

Why do we need a service discovery mechanism?


1. etcd

2. consul


Service discovery is arguably the first piece of infrastructure you should adopt when moving to microservices. When choosing your service discovery architecture, make sure you consider the following key areas:

Regardless of your choice, the implementation of an automated, real-time service discovery solution will pay significant dividends for your microservices architecture. In a future article, we’ll explore the various benefits of using a real-time service discovery solution.

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