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Noteworthy projects based on Blockchain Technology

Wed, Sep 28, 16

Decentralized network existed before blockchain. But the key innovation of blockchain is its ability to hold the economic value, as pioneered as Bitcoin network.

Currently, the blockchain is used in broad range of decentralized applications in many areas, including commerce, social media, content sharing, internet services, logistics and even government.

Here are some Blockchain and Ethereum based projects.

Git Money (Bitcoin)

Git Money allows anyone to earn money by solving open issues on GitHub. Repository owners put up bounties for tasks and the reward is automatically paid to whoever submits the first successfully merged pull request.

How it works

Augur (Ethereum)

Augur is a prediction market platform that rewards for correctly predicting the future real-world events. Make the predictions by trading virtual shares in the outcome of events happening in the real world, buy shares in those outcomes. If the shares are in correct outcome you’ll win real money as profit.


TransActive Grid (Ethereum)

TransActive Grid allows neighbors to purchase and sell renewable energy among each other, offering communities with microgrids a way to create a local energy market while reducing emissions and pollution.

How it works

Yours (Bitcoin)

Yours is a decentralized content sharing application where users will earn money for their submissions. When you endorse a post, you send the author a small microtip from your account’s Bitcoin wallet.

Slock.it (Ethereum)

Slock.it brings the benefits of the Blockchain transparency, security and auditablity to real-world objects. Slock.it is a German startup working on slocks; software based smart locks that can be controlled with a smartphone application.

Slock.it is also working with RWE (Germany’s second largest utilities provider) on a smart contract powered electric vehicle charging platform, BlockCharge. They recently showcased a working prototype and will be testing the technology with real vehicles and stations over the next year.

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